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IFGC's online wholesale market

IFGC operates a weekly online wholesale market from approximately April until Thanksgiving, frost dates permitting. For florists, designers, event planners, or other partners in the floral industry, the online market is an efficient and consistent way to access specialty blooms and foliage from local growers.


Our market is designed for wholesale: it is open to orders of $100 or more, and an additional delivery fee is applied at checkout. We may consider pick-up arrangements for smaller orders—please contact us if this is of interest to you. 


Delivery and pick-up are available in Duncan and south. We are grateful for the interest and enthusiasm of folks north of Duncan; however, a consistent and non–cost prohibitive method of connecting you directly with our product is not yet available. We'll continue to look for solutions. 

The online market is accessible via an Annual Client Package:

Annual Client Package

IFGC's Annual Client Package is specially designed to help dedicated florists, designers, event planners, and others access high quality product week after week. In addition to receiving season-long access to our online market, the Client Package includes several additional benefits. 

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