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Grow What We Grow with IFGC's "Grow Pro" Trays

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This spring, IFGC is offering a limited number of plant start trays for your own growing adventure! Cultivated by Island Flower Grower Co-operative members, varieties are selected especially for beginner cut flower growers or those wanting to test-drive the new beauties that flower farmers and florists love.

What you get 

Each tray holds 32 healthy and happy plants, including some of our most sought-after and tried-and-true specialty varieties in on-trend shapes and colours. These plants are grown using high quality natural fertilizers and soils to maximize your success. With your care and attention, you’ll have colour and texture all summer long!


Each tray holds approximately 80% annuals and 20% perennials, ornamental grasses and shrubs. The selection will be the grower’s choice, based on their supply of the strongest plants at peak stage for transplanting. Trays will not all be identical and growers reserve the right to substitute varieties.

Note: these are specialty plant starts, grown without synthetic fertilizers or sprays, in 2-inch cells; they won’t resemble common bedding plants found in garden centres.

Trays will vary based on what is growing best for our members but will likely include a selection from the following list:



















How it Works

Plants will arrive at your door labelled, hardened off, and ready to plant once weather conditions are suitable. It’s our hope to deliver your trays in early May, but this date will depend on spring growing conditions. Sorry, we are not able to ship!

You supply good soil and lots of sunshine and water. Set aside a small plot for your IFGC plants, or tuck these beauties into your established beds. We’ll include any special instructions for your tray varieties, including our own tips for successful harvesting and conditioning.

Location & Delivery

Delivery is included in Victoria, North Saanich, the Western Communities, and Cobble Hill. Pick-up is available at growers' farms in Metchosin, North Saanich and Cobble Hill. Sorry, we are not able to ship our Grow Pro trays. 


Grow Pro trays are $112 plus GST & PST. Payment is due on receipt of order confirmation and invoice

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