Buyer's Passes

Island Flower Growers Co-operative operates a wholesale market on Wednesday mornings during the growing season—from approximately April until October—in a central location in Victoria. A Buyer's Pass is required to shop at the market. 

Annual and Day Pass options are available. Consult the details below to determine which pass is right for you. 

Why require Buyer's Passes? We want to ensure you're able to purchase the best product at wholesale prices through an efficient system. We also want to keep our prices transparent and competitive. So we've chosen to make this administration fee*—which contributes to venue rental, a Market Manager, online platform fees and maintenance, etc.—a one-time fee, rather than applying it at checkout. The fee will also help the Co-op have a smooth and successful transition into our first season. We're grateful for your support!

*An administration fee also applies to Co-op Members and Casual Sellers who wish to buy from the Co-op. 

Option 1 : Annual Pass

$85 (~$3/week over our season)

Renewal price: $50

Professional floral buyers and other business owners may apply for an Annual Buyer's Pass. Each applicant must provide a business number, business address or charitable registration number and will be charged GST on all purchases. The Buyer's Pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase and must be renewed annually.

This pass gives subscribers access to our online pre-purchase website, as well as quick checkout at our weekly wholesale market. Pass holders will also receive an Island Flower Growers Co-operative partner sticker for their website or storefront. 

Friend of the Co-op Waiver: When buyers purchase $3,000 or more over 12 months, the Buyer's Pass fee will be waived for the next 12 months. 

Option 2 : Day Pass

$35 per market visit

Upgrade to an Annual Pass at any time and receive a $10 credit.

Occasional buyers—professional buyers and other business owners—may purchase a Day Pass for the market. Each applicant must provide a business number, business address or charitable registration number.

The Day Pass is valid for that day's market. . 

Day Pass customers do not have access to the Co-op's online pre-purchase platform. 


For smaller-scale flower needs . . .

Including weddings and other events, or to enjoy bouquets in your home, please contact producers directly using the Producer Directory above.

For wholesale opportunities, retail partnerships, and other opportunities in the floral industry . . .

CLICK HERE to become a buyer, or use the contact form to be put in touch with Island Flower Growers representatives.

To get involved as a grower . . .

CLICK HERE to review our membership package to learn about us, our mission, and the rights and responsibilities of Co-op members. Then, CLICK HERE to apply to be a full member or CLICK HERE to apply to be a casual seller at our weekly wholesale market. If you have additional questions, use the contact form to get in touch with a Board member. 

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