Become an IFGC Member or Guest Grower

“Co-operatives are locally owned and democratically controlled by the members who use their services. Co-ops are founded on a common idea: That people know what is best for them and can work together to achieve their goals. Co-ops empower individuals, and encourage healthier and stronger communities by pooling resources and sharing risks.

“Co-operatives are based on the values of self-help, self responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. Co-op members support the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.”

- (BC Co-op Association, "Cultivating Co-ops")

We are always interested in hearing from serious growers on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands who share these Co-operative values. We welcome applications from growers interested in joining the Co-op as a Member Grower or selling through the Co-op as a Guest Grower. 

Apply to be a Member Grower

All applicants for full IFGC membership must read our Member Package, available below. This contains important information about roles and responsibilities, financial details, and more. We may ask you about this information as part of your application process to ensure that it is clear and understood. 

Member Growers pay a one-time $500 share price to the Co-op. Depending on the level of product they direct to the Co-op, they pay either a 25% or 35% commission on product sold. The benefits of membership are outlined in the package below. 

Apply to be a Guest Grower

You don't have to be a Member to sell through IFGC. Our Guest Grower program is a great way for new or small-scale flower growers to participate in the wholesale flower sector on Vancouver Island with the support of a talented team of Member Growers and employees. With IFGC, Guest Growers learn the best ways to grow and sell their specialty cut flowers—and how to plan their crops—alongside experienced Co-op members who share a commitment to the health and prosperity of small farms and the people who work with flowers.


Each week, Guest Growers up and down Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands have an opportunity to sell their flowers via our online wholesale market to reach a long and enthusiastic list of florists, designers, and shops, all eager to find the best in local, specialty cut flowers and foliage.


They have access to resources such as weekly pricing sheets; an extensive chart of tried and true supplies and suppliers; and grower guides written by our members. And they’ll meet informally with other growers each week as our gorgeous orders come together for delivery. That’s where the wisdom and good will get shared as we all build a community that supports farms, farmers, and florists.


The Guest Grower annual fee ($100) and weekly commissions (35%) help to support:

- 3 part-time employees, including a delivery driver

- Online platform fees

- Website, email and bookkeeping costs

- Public relations materials

Before submitting an application, it may be helpful for prospective Guest Growers to read our "Member Package," presented above, for context about the Co-op's structure and operations.