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Island Flower Growers is a co-operative of cut-flower growers on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. Our vision is a vibrant wholesale flower market and distribution hub that support local cut-flower growers and their customers.


We advocate for flower farming's significant role in stewarding our region's environmental and community health while creating opportunities for consumers and flower-industry collaborators to choose local growers' gorgeous, sustainably-grown product year-round. 


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We Help

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We Help Consumers

We want folks in our region to recognize the exceptional flowers and foliage grown by small-scale growers and to appreciate the journey our product takes from farm to table. We create opportunities for professional cut-flower growers to improve the quality of their blooms and practices, bolster their expertise, and access new markets and customers. 

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We strive to connect a range of floral-industry professionals—florists, designers, event planners, and more—with outstanding, consistent, and sustainably-grown blooms from growers near them. The Co-operative is working to streamline ordering processes and distribution channels to make choosing local flowers convenient and efficient for everyone.   

Are you an industry professional keen to access high-quality product from local growers?

Our customers care about plentiful pollinators and carbon footprints as much as we do, and they are committed to the role flowers play in a meaningful life. So we help them access locally-grown, high-quality product year-round. Whether it's purchasing directly from a grower in our directory, or watching for our "Island Flower Growers" sticker in stores and #islandflowergrowers on social media, consumers can be assured that their purchase hasn't been sprayed with chemicals, and it hasn't flown on an airplane to reach them.  



Fresh. We strive to make the field-to-table journey as short as possible. Grown near you, our blooms often look better and last longer than imported flowers. This commitment to a quick harvest-to-sale turnaround also allows us to grow hard-to-find, specialty blooms. 

Seasonal. We avoid energy- and chemically-intensive cultivation in favour of growing gorgeous, on-trend varieties in their appropriate season, and we believe that a focus on seasonality helps us all connect with our local landscapes—and with the people who farm them—in a powerful way. 

Ethical. We are stewards of our farms and key pieces of the larger environmental puzzle. The Co-operative is committed to sustainable growing practices—certified organic, non-certified organic, beyond organic. Some of us grow on multi-generational flower farms, and we all want to leave our land—whether urban or rural—in exceptional condition for future generations.  

Local. Purchasing locally-grown flowers means you're supporting the people, families, and small businesses that form the economic and social foundations of our region. 

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left: Erin Wallis Photography; right: Ninebark Farm


Board of Directors & Members

Our Board Directors and Members are committed, professional growers who have each amassed years of experience in the floral industry. Florists, designers, event planners and other industry professionals can inquire about opportunities to access our exceptional product by using the Contact Form below.

Many of us also offer direct-to-consumer opportunities, including A La Carte and full-service wedding and event design. Check the Producer Directory below for details, and to contact the growers directly. 

Read our profiles to learn more about our flower-farming journeys and growing practices, and the challenges we face as small-scale producers. 



President & Treasurer

Owner, Ninebark Farm (Metchosin, B.C.)

Adria Lipsett



Co-Owner, Little Bee Blooms

(Cobble Hill, B.C.)

Kailli Pigott



Co-Owner, Dancing Dandelion Farms (Duncan, B.C.)

natalia solis vermette


Board Member

(industry consultant)

Owner, ingrid rose floral artistry

Eiddwen Thomas


Board Member

Owner, Cartref Gardens

(North Saanich, B.C.)

Julie Rémy



Owner, Fleuris Studio and Blooms

(victoria, B.C.)

Warwick Dahlias



(Black Creek, B.C.)



The Producer Directory is designed to help Flower Appreciators everywhere improve their access to locally-grown blooms. Please read the information provided by each producer to learn how you can connect with their product. 

Producers marked with the Island Flower Growers logo are members of the Co-op. They contribute to wholesale initiatives, retail partnerships, and other opportunities in the floral industry. To learn more about partnership opportunities, please use the Contact Form below. 


For smaller-scale flower needs . . .

Including weddings and other events, or to enjoy bouquets in your home, please contact producers directly using the Producer Directory above.

For wholesale opportunities, retail partnerships, and other opportunities in the floral industry . . .

CLICK HERE to become a buyer, or use the contact form to be put in touch with Island Flower Growers representatives.

To get involved as a grower . . .

CLICK HERE to review our membership package to learn about us, our mission, and the rights and responsibilities of Co-op members. Then, CLICK HERE to apply to be a full member or CLICK HERE to apply to be a casual seller at our weekly wholesale market. If you have additional questions, use the contact form to get in touch with a Board member. 

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